09/10 Journal: Human Security

Volume 6: Spring 2010

ISSN : 1710 – 4947

Understanding Feminicide

The Case of Guatemala: Exploring the Historical Connection between Genocide and Feminicide

The Desertec Mirage

The Validity of DII Skepticism

Freedom to Develop

Free/Open Source Software in the Developing World

Global Water Sensitivity of Transboundary Rivers

Levels & Leakages: The Nile and the Implications for Global Water Policy

Twilight Guardians

Covert Operations and the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

The Antagonistic Relationship between Sovereignty and Human Rights

Willful Ignorance

Examining the UN’s Effectiveness in the Rwandan Genocide

African Transitional Justice

Universal Ideal or Political Reality?

The Fight over Impunity

How Political Forces are Misdirecting the Efforts to Establish Accountability in Africa

Africa & Climate Change

The realities of climate change’s implications – paving the way to Copenhagen

Short Essay

Are Afghan women really better-off post invasion?


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