07/08 Journal: Gender, Environment and Human Rights

Volume 4, Spring 2007

ISSN 1710-4947

Monitoring Our Progress

Gender, Environment and Human Rights


Book Review: Machete Season

Alison Smith

Where Radio Is King:

Rwanda’s hate radio

Cassandra Cotton

IT, Stem Cells, and Poverty:

Technological innovation in India

Anne Herteis

Canadian Peacekeeping:

An examination of Canadian national identity

Matt Walsh

The Euro-zone, Canada, and the optimum currency area theory

Eric Bond

Factors Affecting Avian Influenza in Indonesia

Isabel Gertler


Cold War relic or meaningful rebirth?

Anthony Near


A case of bad privatization?

Chris Durrant

The Developing City:

Urbanization in sub-Saharan Africa & Latin America

Dara MacDonald



Copenhagen: The Ethics of War

Compiled Essays by:

Dr. Owen Griffiths,
Fraser McKeen,
John Kamau,
Gillian Ritcey
& Laura Young

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