05/06 Journal: Government and the Rights of Individuals

Volume 2, Spring 2005

ISSN 1710-4947

Editorial: A Region and Its Journal

guy gautreau

The Canadian State and Human Rights

the importance of idealpolitik and legitimacy

dr. antonio franceschet

Book Review: Robert Cox: Production, Power and World Order

katie kaufman

Norms and their Effect on Humanitarian Aid

erin jemczyk

Jus Ad Bellum in the Iraq War

A Matter of Interpretation?

ellen creighton

The Intension of Human Rights

kurt holukoff

Sovereignty and the Alien Tort Claims Act

An inquiry into the sovereignty implications of the ATCA

jacob stone

Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding: Canada’s New Role in Building Capacity Abroad

allison sephton

Children as Tools of War: Seeking Global Solutions Through Theoretical Analysis

stephen brosha

Sweatshops: A Dirty Historyof Discrimination and Ignorance

amanda wilson

“Heart of Darkness”?

Genocide in the DRC

christie kneteman

Women’s Citizenship in Contemporary Liberal Society and the Degradation of Single Mothers on Welfare

janna gorham

Has the Apple Fallen Very Far From the Tree?

An Assessment of Old Modernization Theory and the New Human Security Approach

saarah shivji


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