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The Atlantic International Studies Journal, Volumes:

05/06 Journal: Government and the Rights of Individuals

06/07 Journal: Development Challenges

07/08 Journal: Gender, Environment and Human Rights

08/09 Journal: In the Case of Intervention

09/ 10 Journal: Human Security: Causes, Effects, and How We Respond

10/11 Journal: Alternative Solutions For A Sustainable Future

11/12 Journal: Revolutions: Reforming Structures and Rethinking Perspectives

12/13 Journal: Breakthroughs: Innovative Solutions for Communal Challenges

13/14 Journal: Challenges to Future World Security: Food, Energy, and Privacy

14/15 Journal: First Annual Interdisciplinary Issue

15/16 Journal: Second Annual Interdisciplinary Issue

17/18 Journal: Shifting Paradigms: Changing Perspectives in Uncertain Times

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