Top 3 Best Wood Chippers Consumer Reports & Reviews

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Top 3 best wood chippers

A clean and clutter-free yard is often your pride and pleasure. In trimming, edges and cleaning bushes from the yard can take long hours. What you will do with the leftover branches and stems? An ideal suggestion is to shred it to use as mulch. So, the branches and stems aren’t going to be wasted anymore. In this way, a wood chipper keeps your yard clean and pleasant. It allows you to get rid of the debris in a cinch.

Bestseller No. 1
Sun Joe CJ603E 15-Amp 1.7-Inch Cutting Diameter Electric Silent Wood Chipper/Shredder, Green

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  • VERSATILE: Ideal for turning leaves, twigs, brush, and branches into nutrient-rich mulch ; Rated Voltage 120 V ~ 60 Hz
  • POWERFUL: 15-amp motor effectively chips and shreds branches up to 1. 73-inches thick
  • SAFETY: Safety hopper with locking knob prevents the motor from operating when opened
SaleBestseller No. 3
Sun Joe SDJ616 13-Amp 16:1 Reduction Electric Leaf Mulcher/Shredder, Green

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  • Powerful: 13-amp motor with 8, 000 RPM
  • Compatible: trash-can compatible hopper
  • Control dial: easy-to-read control dial

Buying Guide

The wood chippers come in a variety. You can select the one that suits your needs. To choose a suitable wood chipper may be confusing for you. Follow the tips here to select the best wood chipper.

Wood Chipper Types

Gas Powered: A gas-powered wood chipper is perfect for large and small yards. You can shred the stems and limbs quickly. The engine in such wood chippers is between 4 – 10 horsepower to handle more than 200 pounds. So, you can dispose of a heavy amount of debris by using this wood chipper.

Gas Powered Walk Behind: It works like a vacuum cleaner in your yard. Move it on the leaves, stems and grass blades to convert them into fine pieces. It converts the debris into fine quality mulch. Usually, these wood chippers come with 5 to 8 horsepower. The blade width can be around 28 inches.

Easy mechanism of electric wood shredder

Electric Powered: It’s not as powerful as a gas-powered chipper. You can use them for small yards. The range of the electric motor is between 1 – 2 horsepower. It’s good for loose debris or small limbs.

Size of Limbs

Select a wood chipper according to the size of the limbs you want to shred. If you have large limbs and stems, select a powerful gas-powered wood chipper. For mild and small debris, select an electric powered chipper.

Reduction Ratio

Select a reduction ratio and check how thin shreds it will make out of the debris. If you select 10:1, it will convert the debris into thinnest volume. Usually, the reduction ratio is 10:1 – 20:1.


Check the motor and its power. If it’s 4-10, it can be very powerful and suitable for large stems and debris. If it’s 1-2 horsepower, you can use it for small stems.

Number of Blades/Flails

Select a wood chipper that comes with more number of blades. If it has a few blades, it will reduce the debris into thicker mulch. Don’t select it. Check the number of flails and select a suitable wood chipper.


It should have a warranty to cover the blades, motor, and other parts.

Convenient to Handle

Select a wood chipper that’s easy to use. Mostly, a good chipper comes with a tilt-down hopper, automatic starter, and self-sharpening flails.

Consumer Reports & Reviews for Sun Joe CJ603E

Brenda Trevino: It’s the best gardener’s companion. This compact and electric gadget works silently to convert the leftover woods and stems into useful mulch.

Marlene Chappell: Hats off to Sun Joe wood chipper. It’s a good choice to shred small trees and bushes. The powerful motor works silently to grind the leftover debris.

Carol Jarvis: I bought it a month ago and I found it very helpful to shred the small stems and branches. Excellent value…..great tool.

Anthony Walker: The compact wood shredder comes with a powerful motor. It doesn’t make noise while working. I love using it to shred the leftover stems and small woods within no time. Thanks to Sun Joe Wood Shredder.

James Zamora: This electrically driven wood shredder is a great option to shred small woods, branches, and leaves. It’s easy to drive and store after work.

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