See here the list of Top 10 best pellet stove. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones

Bestseller No. 1
Castle Pellet Stoves Serenity Wood Pellet Stove, Black
  • Reinvent the way you heat your home with Castle's Serenity wood pellet stove and new Smart Controller
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US Stove Company US GW1949 Wiseway Non-Electric Pellet Stove, Black
  • EPA-certified nonelectric pellet stove utilizes a Natural gravity feed system, for less maintenance
  • 40,000 BTUs heats up to 2,000 sq. Ft
  • Uses standard 3-inch pellet venting
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Lion Energy Pellet Stove - 13,650 BTU - Heats a 400 sq. Foot Area - Electric Pellet Heater
  • PORTABLE HEAT - 13,650 BTUs designed to heat up to 400 sq. feet.
  • EASY TO USE - Features a compact space-saving design that is easy to setup and operate.
  • EFFICIENT - Uses <100W and is 90% efficient.
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SureFire Stove Sentry 512 For Pellet Stoves, Harman and more By Sec America
  • Instant Automatic Power Transfer; Battery Cables Included; 2 Year Warranty
  • SureFire 512 interfaces between a wood pellet stove or coal stoker and the AC electrical supply
  • The Surefire 512 can be mounted vertically or horizontally on a flat smooth surface - wall or floor
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The Wood Pellet Smoker and Grill Cookbook: Recipes and Techniques for the Most Flavorful and...
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Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto [A Cookbook]
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1. What is a pellet stove? What are wood pellets?

Pellets or wood pellets are small balls or pellets of wood. In most cases debarked roundwood with a water content of 10 – 15% is used. First, fine wood chips are produced. They are then pressed to the desired pellet diameter by a pug mill press. The heat (130 ° C) produced during pressing activates the binder (molasses or starch). Pellets are delivered loose with silo vehicles or packaged in bags or big packs.

Fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, workshop ovens, kitchen ovens, pellet stoves or pellet stoves are modern terms that are becoming more and more fashionable and certainly not known to everyone. All types of ovens are additional heating points, which, in contrast to an ethanol fireplace, should complement the normal heating system.

An open fireplace is certainly known from various films when children hang their socks there on the evening before Christmas. An open fireplace is certainly very dangerous, as fire and flame burn unprotected through the wood. Many fireplaces were therefore replaced by electric fireplaces. These electric fireplaces look nice, but unlike a kitchen stove, a workshop stove or a wood stove they do not generate heat.

Modern stoves are therefore equipped with fire disks that keep fire and flame in check and protect the users and their children from accidents. Better than simple fireplaces are certainly tiled stoves. Tiled stoves are relatively expensive made of firebricks and relatively thick tiles. The correct setting of the firebricks usually takes over the responsibility of a real kiln builder, who uses different traits of these stoneware bricks, so that the heat spreads slowly throughout the room, creating a special atmosphere.

1.1. Haas and son Pelletto – a pellet stove in an appealing look.

In contrast to an oil stove or a gas fireplace such wood chimneys have the disadvantage that wood must be brought in and loaded. In the oil stove and gas fireplace, there is an automatic injection, which allows the use of a button. For the luxury in the service you do not get the incomparable fire and flame romance as the wood stove. The stacking of the logs, the slow ignition, the adjustment of the draft tube and the refilling of wood or even coal omitted.

A wood pellet stove is the cheap alternative to the fireplaces or wood stoves. A gas stove may be great if it works at the touch of a button, but the pellet prices or pellet prices are much lower, so you can save on consumption especially in use.
The pellet stove is also called pellet stove, pellet stove or pellet stove. Wood pellets are used to generate heat. The pellets are simply filled into the reservoir of the pellet stoves and automatically transported into the combustion chamber (also called pellet boiler).

There they burn slowly and evenly, as the pellets have a similar density and size. By circulating air grille, the heat can be radiated into the room. The ignition is done automatically via an electric ignition wire. The handling of open fire, which often leads to accidents, is not necessary here. With timers and control electronics, pellet stoves offer the same comfort as normal heating systems (oil, gas or pellet heating).

Similar to water-bearing stoves, there are also water-bearing pellet stoves that can be used as full heating. If a wood stove is water-bearing, it can be relatively easily integrated into the domestic heating system via copper and iron pipes. In our pellet stove comparison 2019 we would like to introduce the pellet heaters only marginally.

The advantages and disadvantages of a pellet stove at a glance:

Low pellet prices

Easy operation by control electronics and automatic ignition

Little effort with wood pellets (unlike firewood)

Installation can be difficult and should be done by the stove maker or stove builder

Acceptance by chimney sweep (as with all stoves and heating fireplaces)

2. Which fireplace and pellet stove types are there?

Workshop furnace, casting furnace, water-bearing furnace, corner hearth, open fireplaces, Swedish stoves and endurance stoves: The selection of heating with wood to heat sources is relatively large. In a small table, we would like to briefly explain the most important differences in our pellet stove comparison. If you are wondering why our Aztec oven is not referred to in our pellet stove comparison, it should be said that the Aztec oven belongs to the category of open fireplaces with their own chimney.

21. Room air dependent stove or room air dependent pellet stove

Most stoves or pellet stoves are dependent on room air. When a woodburning stove is independent of room air, it draws the air to burn out of the room, and the front panel regulator usually determines how much air and oxygen is absorbed. Stoves manufacturers mention it extra, if the chimneys are designed for other modes. A room air independent pellet stove receives the supply air externally via special supply air ducts, which must be present in the chimney. The connection of the chimney to the stove takes place in any case via stovepipes.

2.2. Water-bearing stove

The water-bearing stoves are ovens that not only heat the environment but also water, which can be fed into the heating system. The water-bearing woodburning stoves offer significantly more savings when heating, but are much more expensive to buy and the integration is also very complicated.

2.3. Water-fed pellet stove or pellet stove with heating support

Pellet stove with water pocket or pellet stoves with water supply offer similar advantages as a water-led chimney. In the pellet stove, however, heating takes place via wood pellets. The pellet stove water bag is heated slowly and is connected to the heating system via copper or iron pipes. However, a Buderus pellet stove water-driven is the absolute luxury product in this field. Sometimes they are also referred to as a pellet stove with a heat exchanger.

3. Purchase criteria for the pellet stove: You must pay attention to this

Rowi HPO 9.0 Easy Premium – a reliable stove on cold days.

Hark fireplaces, bunny stove Haas and son stove, Wamsler stove, Oranier stove, Rika stoves, Contura stove, Wodtke stove, Kago fireplaces, Fireplace stove, Olsberg stoves, Gude pellet stove, pellet heaters from Buderus or a pellet stove from Palazetti – the choice of equipment for heating with pellets is relatively large.
So that you do not have to make bad pellet stove experiences with any pellet stove comparison winner, we would like to show you in a small buying consultation, where you recognize the best pellet stove for your purposes.

3.1. Operating mode

There are room air dependent and room air independent pellet stoves. Pellet stoves Manufacturers like Wamsler Haas and Sohn, Wodtke, Firestixx or Biofire mostly mention which operating modes are supported. For burning pellets in a wood pellet stove or pellet heating air and especially oxygen is needed.

To ensure the supply of the fire with oxygen, there is the pellet stove with blower and the pellet stove without fan. Both types draw the oxygen from the room air. It is different with a room-independent fireplace stove or a pellet heater. However, the requirements for the chimney for a pellet stove with room air independent ventilation system are different, so not every old 20 cm chimney stack can be used as a pellet stove chimney.

3.2. Heating power and room size

In kiln construction and chimney construction, the heating power plays an important role. So you can choose between a pellet stove with 2 kW, a pellet stove with 5 kW or a pellet stove with 6 kW, if only one room should be heated. In general, a Thermorossi pellet stove or the Wamsler pellet stove PO 59 can be throttled, as it has different heating programs. However, the Hark fireplaces, a Hase stove, the Hark pellet stove or the Olsberg pellet stove should not be oversized.

Tip: So that you do not over-dimension the pellet stove, a small rule of thumb in every pellet stove test: 0.1 kW heating power is required per m² of living space. With an area of ​​100 m² to be heated, 10 kW are required.

3.3. Efficiency

Wamsler PO.90 – a relatively large and attractive stove.

Whether stove made of soapstone, heating stoves, mini-pellet stove, pellet heating or pellet stove: The heating power plays a special role. High-quality models achieve achievements of more than 95%. Especially if you buy a cheap pellet stove, you have to expect that the efficiency is about 85%. The higher the effect, the lower the pellet consumption, which is especially beneficial when pellet prices rise. Therefore, we recommend rather the purchase of a pellet stove with high efficiency.

3.4. Burning time

Whether rabbit stove, orange heating technology, Lohberger pellet stove, Ravelli pellet stove, Palazetti pellet stoves, Calimax pellet stove or Haas & Sohn pellet stove: In the end you want to know how cumbersome heating is with the wood stoves or pellet boilers. The pellet stove with storage tank has become standard in pellet stove brands. However, the Pelletsverbrauch and the size of the reservoir in the pellet stove Rowi 9,6 kW unlike the Güde pellet stove GP 8000 Basic or the Rika pellet stove Topo.

Therefore, you should pay particular attention to the maximum burning time when it comes to handling. Some pellet stoves only have to be filled every 2-3 days. Especially small pellet stoves have to be filled with wood pellets daily so they can heat all day long. In handling they are much more complicated than other wood and pellet stoves with a larger reservoir.

The pellet consumption was on average in our pellet stove comparison at 0.6 to 0.9 kg per hour. Of course, this depends on the settings you choose. As wood pellet prices are currently lower than gas or oil prices, pellet heating costs are limited.

3.5. Material and pipe connection

The Schenger HP24 Eco – a rather cheap pellet stove.

A stovepipe serves to connect the pellet stove to the chimney. Whether Haas and son, Wamsler or Wodtke, the ovens from our pellet stove comparison all needed an 80 mm stovepipe to remove the smoke. Modern pellet stoves are usually also made of the same material. Most manufacturers of pellet stoves go for steel. Most pellet stoves in comparison were therefore made of steel, as most Danish stoves are. A pellet stove from Italy can also provide tiles or marble cladding, but such Italian pellet stoves are usually relatively expensive.

3.6. Equipment

A pellet stove should have at least an electric ignition and an automatic air control. All products from our comparison also had these electronic standards. This also includes a weekly timer. As easy-care pellet stove for the apartment, such a model can be distinguished. Certainly, if you are looking for a pellet stove for the living room, the model should also be as small as possible.

However, there are even more features in the area of ​​wood and pellet stoves. A pellet stove without a fireplace is nowadays only available as pellet heating. The viewing window became standard in pellet stove design. The pellet heaters, however, are significantly larger in size and more comparable with a pellet stove for multiple occupancy.

3.7. Pellet stove manufacturers and brands



4. The installation of a pellet stove – who should do it?

If you buy a pellet stove or stove, it must also be installed. Surely it is relatively easy to find a fireplace kit, so you can build the stove cheap itself. Surely you can also build a tiled stove yourself, because the tiled stove prices are very high. But whether you build your pellet heating system or the fireplace yourself, the final inspection must be done by a chimney sweep after the stove has been professionally installed. So that you are not unprepared for the pellet stove installation, a video will explain the most important steps to you. However, you should have the pellet stove installed by a specialist.

5. Maintenance and care of a pellet stove

To clean a pellet stove you need normal fireplace accessories. The fireplace accessories usually include a shovel, a broom and a coal tongs. The pellet stove can be used as with the fireplace with fireplace insert. First, the boiler is cleaned and then the disc. The cleaning of a Rika stove, a Hark stove, a Kago pellet stove or Bruederus pellet stoves hardly differs. A video of an Italian MCZ pellet stove will show you the most important steps.

6. Promotion of pellet stoves

Extraflame La Nordica Dorina – a good pellet stove.

The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control promotes heating with pellets. There are some requirements for this, but the most important thing is that only pellet stoves with a water pocket or water supply are conveyed. Air-driven pellet stoves or hot air appliances are not eligible. Further information on the state promotion of pellet stoves for heating modernization can be found on the following page. There you will also find the subsidy for the pellet stove exactly quantified, however, apply to the pellet stove promotion special conditions, similar to the case of solar systems is the case.

7. Legal regulations for the pellet stove

The Federal Immission Control Ordinance (BImSchV) prescribes quite strict values ​​for pellet stoves. From 2015, only plants with a maximum emission of 0.25 grams of carbon monoxide per cubic meter of smoke may be achieved. However, modern pellet boilers and pellet stoves fulfill the requirements of the BImSchV.

8. Pellet stove comparison at the Stiftung Warentest

A fireplace and pellet stove test of Stiftung Warentest was in issue 11/2011. The Hark 44 GT ECOplus and the Hanse Kaminofen Jena were able to convince with the overall score of 2.3. All other models gave only satisfactory results.

9. Questions and answers around the topic of pellet and stoves

9.1. Which is the best pellet stove?

It’s always difficult to say which is the best when it comes to pellet fire. Not in every living room fits a corner pellet stove. High-quality models such as the pellet stove Rika Memo, a pellet stove Multiair, the Wamsler pellet stove PO 58, a Kago pellet stove, a pellet stove from Oranier or Buderus pellet stoves have the advantage that spare parts and pellet stove accessories (eg flue pipes for pellet stoves) are readily available , In addition, the processing of the models is also good. Therefore, we especially recommend the Wamsler PO.90 or the Rowi HPO 9.0.

9.2. Pellet stove or stove – what’s better?

In the stove forum this question is often discussed. Whether pellet stove or stove design: The products are usually similar. The pellet stove price is however usually higher than with a normal chimney. If you buy a stove used second hand, it is once again much cheaper. Nevertheless, buying wood pellets is currently much cheaper than buying firewood. However, we can only rate pellet prices currently, about the wood pellets price development is very difficult to make statements.

We therefore recommend a pellet fireplace for people who do not want to spend a lot of time on heating. The stoves prices are lower and the models therefore rather recommended for people who produce firewood itself. The effort in a real stove is therefore greater, but only here the right fireplace feeling comes on, if you eindes work done slowly through the comforting heat. An even more beautiful feeling prepare only soapstone stoves.

9.3. How does a pellet stove work?

If you want to use a pellet stove, all you have to do is fill the storage tanks with pellets and set the automatic control. Then the pellet heater does the rest. In the operation, he is actually no heavier than a pizza oven. The pellets come from the storage tank in the combustion boiler and are ignited there electrically. The fire is regulated by electrically controlled ventilation flaps and the smoke exits via the chimney pipe.