Top 3 Best Gas Logs Consumer Reports & Reviews

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Top 3 best gas logs

Gas logs are valuable assets for wintry nights to keep the room cozy. It’s a safe and mess-free alternative of wood log. You can get the real warmth and beauty of a fire without adding woods to it.

There are two categories of gas logs: vented and vent-free. Vented gas logs deliver more realistic fire flames than the vent-free logs. On the other hand, vent-free gas logs make your room cozier for a longer time.

Bestseller No. 1
Pine Mountain Burn Time
  • Pine Mountain
  • Kitchen
Bestseller No. 2
Pine Mountain Java-Log Firelog, 4-Hour Burn Time, Recycled Coffee Grounds, 4 Logs
  • Environmentally-friendly, the only firelog made from recycled coffee beans
  • Each log burns up to 4 hours, the pack contains 4 logs
  • 100% natural, with bright flames, crackling sounds and aroma of brewing coffee
Bestseller No. 3
Midwest Hearth Glowing Embers - 6 oz. Bag
  • Proprietary blend of ember wool and mica flakes
  • Generous size bag of glowing embers - 6 ounces (9"x 12" bag)
  • For use with vented gas log fireplaces

Buying Guide

You can’t spend money blindly on gas logs. Here are some important factors to consider while selecting a perfect gas log for your room. Check all of them and make a wise selection.


Select the right type of gas log for your room. There are two types of gas logs: vented and vent-free. Both have their own benefits. Vented gas logs deliver more realistic and natural-looking flames and you can install them in a functioning wood-burning fireplace. On the other hand, vent free gas logs come with more heat and you can install it in a particular fireplace only.


Ceramic vent gas log

Check the material of the gas log before buying it. Mostly, it’s made of ceramic fiber to withstand high temperatures. Inside of the log, there should be steel reinforcement rods to enhance durability. These rods add more strength to it against heat and don’t let it bend or crack. Some gas logs are made of refractory cement. Such gas logs are extremely durable and remain in the real shape and color for a long time. These logs are more durable than ceramic fiber logs.

Controlling Options

Check the controlling option of your selected gas log. There are multiple controlling options. Check them below and understand the mechanism to make a solid selection.

Manual Safety Pilot: It’s the safest system. You lit the gas log with a match or lighter. If the flame goes out, the internal safety system will quickly shut off the gas.

Match Lit Ignition: It’s the most affordable option for people with less purchasing power. You need to ignite the gas with a match or a lighter. It’s available in vented gas logs only.

Modified Safety Pilot Kits: You can control a gas log with remote control if it comes with a modified safety pilot kit. Remote operation is always safe for users.

Millivolt Valve: It works in the same way as an SPK (Safety Pilot Kits). However, it doesn’t contain a thermocouple. Instead of a thermocouple, a millivolt gas valve comes with a thermopile that creates a quick current by using a remote control.

Electronic Valve: It’s the latest system that lets you control the gas log by using a switch/remote control. You can fix the switch to the wall too. Mostly, it’s a battery-operated gas log.


Gas logs are available in different sizes for a small room, big hall, master bedroom, and study, etc. Determine a room and select the accurate size of the gas log according to the room size.

Consumer Reports & Reviews for Pine Mountain Burn Time Gas Logs

Marcia Echavarria: I bought it for my apartment’s fire-place. Pine Mountain gas logs are very short gas logs and burn-time is impressive. I love using them and will recommend them to everyone.

Michelle Vance:  A 2 hours burn time makes my room cozier and I am very happy with these long-lasting gas logs.

David Kennedy: My friend recommended these gas logs and I have bought them for the first time. I am pleased to get them for my small apartment. They don’t flare up and burn for a longer time.

Joseph Murdock: I am thankful to Pine Mountain gas logs to make my place comfortable within a short time.

Daniel Hughes: These gas logs burn as advertised. There is no offensive smoke or odor. These are good alternatives for wood logs.


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