See here the list of Top 10 best central vacuums. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones

SaleBestseller No. 1
OVO Powerful Central Vacuum System - Heavy Duty Central Vac With Hybrid Filtration - 35L or 9.25Gal...
  • SILENT: Silent power units also make for healthier lives. To enhance out initial design choice of a quieter and more efficient motor, we added a noise-blocking foam, like that found in recording...
  • BOTTOM-LOAD MECHANISM: Ensures easy access for emptying the 35L. or 9. 25Gal. dirt receptacle or replacing the disposable bag, even when the unit is installed up high.
  • Free Technical Support Toll Free at 1.800.776.7891 or Email at
Bestseller No. 2
  • The Weinstein Company (07/14/2015)
  • Prime Video, G (General Audience)
  • Running time: 86 min
Bestseller No. 3
  • CJ Williams
  • Kindle Edition
  • English
Bestseller No. 4
Cuisinart DCC-1200FR Brew Central 12-Cup Coffeemaker, Brushed Stainless Steel (Renewed)
  • Retro-style, brushed stainless-steel coffeemaker brews 12 5-ounce cups
  • 24-hour clock/timer for wake-up coffee; brew-pause; programmable shut-off
  • 1-to-4- or 5-to-12-cup brewing options provide maximum flavor
SaleBestseller No. 5
Tortilla Flat (Remastered)
  • Shrink-wrapped
  • MGM (10/05/2011)
  • DVD, NR (Not Rated)
SaleBestseller No. 6
CF Clean Fairy 9pack 391 Central Vacuum Bags can be Used for Nutone 391 CV353, CV450, CV391, CV400,...
  • Replacement 391 Central Vacuum Bags
  • Design to fit NuTone, Beam, Electrolux - Compatible with Nutone VX475, Nutone CV353, Nutone CV450, Nutone 391, Nutone CV400, Nutone CV350, Nutone 44186, Nutone CV352, Nutone CV750, Nutone CV-391,...
  • Contains 9 bags
Bestseller No. 7
Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum Power Unit with Most Powerful 2 Speed Motor and 25 Year Warranty!
  • The Prolux CV12000 is considered the most powerful central vacuum in the US & Canada! It is rated up to a 12,000 square foot home with its amazing 150 CFM 2 Speed/stage motor. Since it uses the...
  • BEST MOTOR - The Prolux CV12000 uses the industries best motor. It is the Amtek 2 stage motor that produces an Amazing 150 CFM (unheard of power). It can only produce this much suction power because...
  • RATED FOR 12000 SQ FT - So powerful it is rated up to a home 12,000 square feet in size. Dont have a 12,000 square foot home? No problem just enjoy the extra suction power. Having extra suction power...
Bestseller No. 8
HP Products 9880 Dirt Devil Central Vacuum System
  • Built in for convenience and space-saving purposes
  • 7' to 35' expandable length hose
  • One gallon capacity
Bestseller No. 9
TurboCat Air Driven performance Brush for all Central Vacuums (Gray)
  • TurboCat Air Driven Gray performance Brush for all Central Vacuums Air Turbine Central Vacuum Powerhead
  • No Batteries or additional power needed - runs off your Central Vacuum
  • The make-up of the Turbo Cat turbine allows for enhanced airflow and constant contact with the floor surface
Bestseller No. 10
(2) Central Vacuum White Inlet Valves for Beam Central Vac - White Round Door"
  • Includes 2 Central Vac White Inlet Valve Round Door Covers Fits Beam Central
  • Vac units Low Voltage Connections for starting the vacuum power unit Most Common
  • inlet valves used Inlet opening measures 1.5`` and has 2 electrical contacts

Central vacuum cleaner comparison 2019

On the test and comparison portal of COMPUTER BILD we present you the best central vacuum cleaner. In every household it is important to create a little order and cleanliness. Only then is it possible to really feel at home in one’s own four walls. Therefore, a vacuum cleaner is also one of the devices that should not be missing in any household. Even if a classic vacuum cleaner offers many advantages, it always has the disadvantage that you have to change the power cable in the different rooms.

This can be very expensive. Remedy creates a vacuum cleaner system. This does not need a socket, nor do you have to constantly pull the device behind you or carry up the stairs. A central vacuum test will help you find out which central vacuum is best for your purpose.

Central vacuum

Kaufberatung zum Zentralstaubsauger-Test or -Vergleich: Find with our help your personal central vacuum cleaner test winner! The big vacuum cleaner is built in a cellar. Then a pipe system is laid in the house walls throughout the house. In each room is then a connection to which the hose only needs to be connected. Thus, the device is centrally located in a fixed space. Vacuuming with a central vacuum cleaner is much faster and more comfortable than with a conventional vacuum cleaner.

Another advantage: central vacuum cleaners are also much quieter than classic vacuum cleaners. A central vacuum system test has often revealed that many homeowners no longer want to do without a central vacuum. Even if the initial costs are high, you benefit from many advantages. For example, after vacuuming, there will be no more dusty and muffling air in the room. Furthermore, these devices are extremely clean and hygienic and allow for thorough cleaning.

In a central vacuum cleaner comparison, it can be seen that the suckers are complex devices. Before you decide to buy such a device, you should also deal with the features and functions. To help you do that, we have compiled information for you to compare central vacuum cleaners. In our comprehensive purchase advice 2019, you can find out from which components a central vacuum cleaner is made up.

1. General information for a central vacuum cleaner test

Clean the filters for vacuum cleaners regularly.

If you live on several floors, then you know the problem: it is just too expensive to constantly go up and down the stairs with a vacuum cleaner. It also requires considerable effort for some people to change floors with a vacuum cleaner in their hands. Furthermore, many classic vacuum cleaners reach their limits during suction. An alternative are central vacuum cleaner systems.

Central vacuum cleaners are installed in the basement of a house and then provided with appropriate connections in the individual floors of the house. With a central vacuum you transport the dirt over the vacuum cleaner hose to a central collection point. You can then empty the central vacuum bag very conveniently. Such a central vacuum has a very high performance. Finally, as a user, you also profit from the fact that the dust is not whirled up, but is sucked in directly via the floor nozzle.

The advantages and disadvantages of a central vacuum cleaner system are shown below:


Vacuum cleaner hose available on every floor and in all rooms

Great suction strength

No steam function compared to a Beam vacuum cleaner

Central vacuum in the trade

Removes even the smallest dirt particles

Long holding period

High investment required

2. Construction of a central vacuum – simply practical

A vacuum cleaner is equipped with a powerful motor. This engine drives a vacuum pump. The vacuum pump includes a vacuum tube system, a central collecting tank and optional central vacuum cleaner accessories – for example a central vacuum cleaner dustpan. The pipes from the central vacuum cleaner run through the entire house.

Furthermore, suction boxes are installed in all rooms and floors of a house. In this way it is also possible to clean the entire living space with only one suction hose of the central vacuum cleaner. There is also a central vacuum cleaner telescopic tube. Through a pipe system, which is installed in the wall, you transport with your central vacuum the absorbed dust into the collecting container. The suction system is connected to a fixed number of suction cans.

Each of these siphons is positioned in the appropriate room walls in locations that are easily accessible. In this way, you can reach the entire surface that you want to clean from every connection. The range of action measured from the suction nozzles is usually between six and twelve meters. If you are about to install a suction system in your home, you should of course take this aspect into account. With a comprehensive central vacuum cleaner test you will quickly find all the necessary information.

2.1. Performance of the central vacuum cleaner

The maximum suction power is not only dependent on the maximum wattage. The wattage gives more information about what height the next electric bill will have. To keep electricity costs in the normal range, you should opt for a device with a maximum wattage of 1800. In an independent central vacuum system test it can often be seen that a central vacuum cleaner can protect people who suffer from allergies.

A central vacuum test also shows that, compared to a classic vacuum cleaner, the exhaust air is not released into the room. Rather, it comes completely through a filter directly into the open. At the same time, the central vacuum cleaner is designed so that you do not have to carry it at all. This relieves the back and promotes good health. In addition, a central vacuum system is also very quiet.

3. Purchase criteria for central vacuum cleaner

There are central vacuum cleaners that are suitable for private or professional use. The central suction systems for the private sector are a bit different. Nevertheless, all central vacuum cleaners work similarly. In the basement is the central office, which also has a catcher.

The technology can be found in a control cabinet. The only differences exist only in the construction of the suction hose system. In addition, there is often only one docking station in private households. There are several docking stations in factories. This difference is also noticeable in the price of a central vacuum cleaner. Therefore, the central vacuum, which are used in industrial plants, also much more expensive.

The experience from many tests for central vacuum cleaners shows that investing in a central vacuum cleaner set is considerably higher at the very beginning than with a classic vacuum cleaner. After a certain time, however, the price will pay off. Because central vacuum cleaners create a very thorough and clean air. Especially allergy sufferers should be happy about this factor.

Due to the reduced number of dirt particles, a significantly higher quality of life is possible in one’s own four walls. It is advisable to use the characteristics of the test winner for central vacuum cleaners. The best central vacuum cleaner in a comparison for central vacuum cleaner are equipped with many useful features. In contrast, cheap central vacuum can be provided with fewer functions.

3.1. The connection is as inconspicuous as a power outlet.

A very decisive purchase criterion is the functionality. As a user you benefit from a very simple handling, as long as the suction system is installed. Furthermore, you save yourself the constant climbing stairs and plugging and unplugging the plug. With a central vacuum cleaner you just have to click the central vacuum cleaner hose into the plug connection and you can start vacuuming immediately.

Tests for central vacuum cleaners have shown that not even the best classic vacuum cleaner can match the performance of a central vacuum. The best known brands of central vacuum are Variovac, Vacustar, Allway and ZSA. For some years, American manufacturers have settled in Germany. Fawas central vacuum, Thomas central vacuum and Nilfisk’s Supreme central vacuum cleaner are particularly popular.

4. Central vacuum cleaners are also worthwhile for private households

You should buy a built-in vacuum cleaner when building a house. Furthermore, it makes sense to buy a central vacuum, you should plan a major renovation. In both cases, it is best to do an individual central vacuum test before planning the central vacuum cleaner purchase. Please keep in mind that it is very costly if you want to build the central vacuum from individual and spare parts. Leave this task to professional hobbyists who are familiar with the subject matter. ,

After all, even with a central vacuum, you have to differentiate between devices with pouches, without pouches or hybrids. If you opt for a central vacuum with bag, you should make sure that a bag is also used, which has enough space. Bags for vacuum cleaners are available in a wide variety of materials. You get these bags either in plastic or paper. In this case, paper bags are better as they can be recycled.

Although there is still the possibility to use plastic bags, but these are no longer timely because of their high environmental impact. A central vacuum cleaner without a bag collects the dirt in a designated container. Although this eliminates the cost of the container for you, but the dust is released loose, creating much dirt. In addition, you can use hybrid central dust systems with and without a vacuum cleaner bag.

Note: It is recommended to work with a vacuum cleaner bag. The life of the device increases considerably.

5. Questions and answers about the central vacuum cleaner

5.1. How Expensive is a Central Vacuum?

How expensive a central vacuum is depends on your living space and the number of floors. You get the central vacuum in different categories. For example, you can clean a detached house of 200 square meters with a central vacuum that costs around 2000 euros. In addition, the higher the percentage of your own contribution, the lower the costs for central vacuum cleaner installation.

5.2. Where do you get a cheap central vacuum?

Central vacuum cleaners are securely mounted in basements. A cheap built-in vacuum you get in the shop or in an online store. Recently, the numerous advantages of online shops have become noticeable. Thus, it is quite easy to go to a suitable online store after a thorough study of the various models to buy the right device.

The device can be delivered quickly to your home. At a specialty store you have the advantage that they also get advice on the installation. Many specialist shops offer not only the sale of a central vacuum but also the installation. If you buy a central vacuum cleaner, be sure to consider these follow-up costs.

5.3. What are central vacuum cleaners with water filters?

A central vacuum cleaner with water filter works with liquids. He uses these to filter the sucked dust residues. The central vacuum cleaner with water filter has inside a water bath, which sucks in the dirt together with the normal nozzle. A cyclone then ensures that the dirt is swirled. By this procedure, it is possible that animal hair can be bound in the liquid. Central vacuum with water filter are particularly suitable for allergy sufferers. Because the devices bind fungi and mites with a very high effectiveness.