See here the list of Top 10 best shark vacuum. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones

SaleBestseller No. 1
Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E
  • Dust cup capacity - 2.2 quarts. Lift-Away. Press a button to lift the canister away and easily clean hard-to-reach areas.
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology + a HEPA filter. Traps 99. 9% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum.
  • Powerful and lightweight. Portable and versatile at 13. 7 pounds.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Shark APEX Upright Vacuum with DuoClean for Carpet and HardFloor Cleaning, Zero-M Anti-Hair Wrap, &...
  • Dust cup capacity - 1.5 quarts. Shark's ultimate cleaning experience. Featuring Shark DuoClean, Powered Lift-Away, and Zero-M technologies.
  • DuoClean Technology: Dual brushroll system deep-cleans carpets and directly engages floors for a polished look.
  • Powered-Lift Away: the canister detaches to extend the reach of the cleaner head, including under furniture.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet (NV752) Upright Vacuum, Mini-Motorized Brush, Bordeaux
  • Dust cup capacity - 1.5 quarts. Shark's original full-sized Powered Lift-Away. The canister detaches to deep-clean hard-to-reach areas while still delivering power to keep the brushroll spinning.
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and a HEPA filter trap dust and allergens inside the vacuum.
  • XL capacity with full-size performance.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Shark Rotator Professional Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum for Carpet and Hard Floor with Lift-Away...
  • Dust cup capacity - 1.3 quarts. Powerful upright vacuum with Lift-Away pod for convenient cleaning of stairs and above-floor areas
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology + HEPA
  • Rotator Technology Enhanced Swivel Steering and better deep carpet cleaning
SaleBestseller No. 6
Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 Upright Vacuum, Blue
  • Lift Away Press a button to lift the canister away and easily clean hard to reach areas
  • Anti Allergen Complete Seal Technology + a HEPA filter Traps 999 percent of dust and allergens inside the vacuum The full unit weighs only 12.5 lbs The canister alone is 7.5 lbs
  • Swivel Steering Excellent control for maneuvering around furniture Dust Cup Capacity: 12 dry quarts
Bestseller No. 7
Shark APEX DuoClean with Zero-M No Hair Wrap (ZS362) Stick Vacuum, Forest Mist Blue
  • Shark's most innovative ultra-light corded stick vacuum features Shark Duo Clean and Zero-M technologies.
  • Duo Clean technology is a dual-brush roll system designed to deep-clean carpets and directly engage floors.
  • The vacuum that deep-cleans now cleans itself. The Zero-M self-cleaning brush roll delivers nonstop hair removal.
Bestseller No. 8
Shark Navigator Zero-M Self-Cleaning Brushroll Pet Pro (ZU62) Upright Vacuum, Pewter Grey Metallic
  • Dust cup capacity - 2.8 quarts. The vacuum that deep-cleans now cleans itself. The Zero-M self-cleaning brush roll delivers nonstop hair removal.
  • Powerful upright vacuum suction to pick up embedded debris, stubborn pet hair, and more.
  • Lightweight design allows for easy maneuverability and portability.
SaleBestseller No. 9
Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum with Lift-Away, Zero-M Anti-Hair Wrap Technology, Anti-Allergen +...
  • The vacuum that deep cleans now cleans itself The Zero M self cleaning brushroll delivers nonstop hair removal
  • Use as an upright vacuum for powerful floor and carpet cleaning Or for more portability, detach the canister to go into Lift Away mode to easily clean above floor areas like furniture and stairs
  • Anti Allergen Complete Seal Technology + HEPA filter traps dust and allergens inside the vacuum cleaner
SaleBestseller No. 10
Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum for Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaning with Swivel...
  • Ultra-lightweight At under 8 pounds, it converts into a hand vac for versatile floor-to-ceiling cleaning
  • Home & Car Detail Kit Micro tools that clean the tiniest of spaces
  • Fingertip controls to easily switch from hard floor to carpet

In almost every German household cleans at least one vacuum cleaner parquet, carpet , PVC and laminate. Whether bagless, with water filter and dust bag or with a rechargeable battery: The variety of functions of the vacuum cleaner is great. The decision for a sucker is not easy and goes back to popular purchase criteria. Capacity, power and energy consumption play just as important a role in the choice of vacuum cleaner as the telescopic tube, the nozzles, the suction power and the extras. Some vacuum cleaners not only clean the floor. They also provide fresh air.

In our vacuum cleaner comparison are the leading models, their advantages and disadvantages and the features compared. Below you will find details about the vacuum cleaner test of the Stiftung Warentest and a comprehensive guide, in which we answer the most frequently asked questions about the vacuum cleaner in detail. In retrospect, you decide on the vacuum cleaner that keeps its promise.

The most important criteria that should be considered when choosing a vacuum cleaner

Many consumers who are interested in a new vacuum cleaner, look first at the performance. But there are also some other relevant features that need to be checked before finally making a purchase decision. Enclosed we have compiled various important criteria that you should definitely pay attention to.


The power indicates how much power a vacuum cleaner has. Classic vacuum cleaners, such as vacuum cleaners or vacuum cleaners with or without a bag, usually have much more power than compact handheld vacuum cleaners. Please keep in mind that performance varies widely depending on the model. In the field of commercial vacuum cleaner, however, power specifications of about 800 W are quite normal, since manufacturers have today developed the technology so that this power is sufficient for most applications.

Action radius and duration

Of course, the radius of action plays an important role if you are interested in wired vacuum cleaners. This is why the length of the cable should always be taken into account. However, this not only applies to the cable length, but also to the intake manifold, which must be combined with the vacuum cleaner. Small and compact devices often have an average cable length of 10 m. 

But there are also vacuum cleaner models that are characterized by an action radius of up to 15 m. While with corded vacuum cleaners the radius of action plays a role, with vacuum cleaner with a Akku you should not disregard also the duration of action. So check the battery life and the charging time of the battery in advance of a purchase.

Suction technology and filters

Vacuum cleaners are generally all based on a simple system and are equipped with a blower which creates a vacuum. As a result, thus dust particles, pollen or hair can be sucked through the vacuum cleaner nozzle and collected in the bag. In the field of filters, however, there are differences. Especially modern and recommended for allergy sufferers are for example the HEPA filters. If, on the other hand, you opt for a vacuum cleaner that does not require a bag, pay attention to the volume of the container.

Capacity of the dust bag

If you use a vacuum cleaner with a bag, you should pay close attention to the bag size. This indicates how much volume of dust and dirt the vacuum cleaner model can finally hold. Compared to vacuum cleaners, which are equipped without a bag, of course there are always additional costs for you, which should be taken into account in a calculation.

Energy efficiency class

If you place great emphasis on the environment and low energy consumption, then you should opt for a vacuum cleaner that has been certified with an energy rating of at least A. As a rule, the energy consumption per energy class usually increases by 5 kWh. Eighth, therefore, looks forward to it and choose a model that has the energy efficiency class A or A +++.

Weight and height

Of course, if you use the vacuum cleaner for cleaning in your own home, weight and size also play an important role. Heavy vacuum cleaners are only quite complicated to lead in the room, which also applies to large appliances. Because of this, a good compromise should be made regarding these two characteristics of a vacuum cleaner.


Vacuum cleaners are all equipped with an electric motor. Of course, this ensures a certain volume during operation. Most models reach up to 80 dB. From this value, most consumers say that such a volume is called “very loud”. For example, 80 dB is achieved when speaking in a loud voice or when there is a dispute. But classical piano playing also achieves such a loudness. However, since you do not use your vacuum cleaner for a long period of time, this should not be too big a problem.

Power supply

The power supply takes place with devices by cable course over the classical home net. On the other hand, if you have a vacuum cleaner with a battery in mind, then this model can be used very easily without a cable and very flexible. However, you should always pay attention to the battery life and the charging time. As a rule, manufacturers of this product category also supply matching charging stations. Thus, you can quite easily use such a vacuum cleaner in a station so that it can be charged automatically.

Special functions

In the run-up to a purchase decision you should always check exactly for which applications you need your vacuum cleaner exactly. So there are also some special features that support various models, such as the use as a floor or hand vacuum cleaner. However, many appliances also have an integrated brush that can be used in combination with a wet function to provide better vacuum cleanliness.

In the area of ​​special functions, we would also like to mention the scope of delivery of the vacuum cleaner of your choice. In fact, many manufacturers also supply a small amount of accessories, which of course always has to be checked by you before making a purchase. Otherwise you will have to purchase all the accessories separately after purchasing a vacuum cleaner, which will usually cost you quite a lot.

Is there a vacuum cleaner test of Stiftung Warentest?

In May 2019, the Stiftung Warentest tested several vacuum cleaners and handheld vacuum cleaners. Here were models with and without battery on the test. We would like to introduce the results to you.

The experts of Stiftung Warentest have been looking for the best vacuum cleaners for many years. Among the test objects are a lot of vacuum cleaners, which reliably perform clean work. In the most recent test run of 2019, 10 more cordless vacuum cleaners had to show what they can do. Two of the cordless vacuum cleaners can compete with classic vacuum cleaners.

The testers wrinkled their noses when it came to rid the dust box of dirt. For many models, this is still an unhygienic issue. For the most part it is a matter of taste, which system you choose. Allergy sufferers should take a look at the filter when buying, because these differ in dust retention.

Underground vacuum cleaner or vacuum cleaner?

In terms of freedom of movement and flexibility, the vacuum cleaners are in the lead. For this, many cordless vacuum cleaners leave dirt in the carpet. The best models took up to 88 percent of dust from the carpet, while the weakest cordless vacuum cleaners took just 22 percent dirt. This battery sucker test was carried out under optimal conditions.

The testers have previously thoroughly emptied the dust box to ensure maximum performance. Nevertheless, not all of the battery-powered vacuum cleaners weakened. The winners scored points with a reliable cleaning performance and could be converted to a handy small vacuum cleaner in a few simple steps. This increases the range of functions and makes a handy vacuum cleaner from a vacuum cleaner.

How did Stiftung Warentest test the vacuum cleaners?

First, the experts checked if the vacuum cleaners could handle animal hair. Not all models could convince here. An exception were the suckers with special electric nozzles and rotating brushes. In addition, a main focus was on the continuous load, thoroughness, energy consumption and handling. Only then is it possible to come to an objective test verdict.

Did Öko Test carry out a vacuum cleaner test?

Öko Test has tested and compared several bagless vacuum cleaners. The last vacuum cleaner test was published in October 2013 . At that time, the experts took several bagless vacuum cleaners under the microscope. As a result, the suction power of the vacuum cleaner could not always convince. Five models were rated “good” or “good”.

Öko Test praises the ecological advantage of the bagless vacuum cleaner, which makes the purchase of expensive filter bags unnecessary. According to the experts, daily 6 milligrams of dust are formed on one square meter. If we changed the whole thing to one week, the amount of dust in a 75-square-meter apartment would be the same as a cube sugar. 

In Germany alone, 3 million new vacuum cleaners a year home. For consumers, the features, performance and handling are particularly important. Another focus of Öko Test is energy consumption and environmentally friendly operation. Even if the vacuum cleaners without bags on long pile carpets reach their limits, they convince more and more users through the uncomplicated use and the renouncement of continuous fixed costs. At market launch alone, James Dyson was able to capture a market share of almost 45 percent by 2005. 

Five tips for choosing a vacuum cleaner

1. Try the vacuum cleaner:  Whether a vacuum cleaner is personally handy and well-suited for you, you can easily find out by trying out such a model in practice. For this you do not necessarily have to go to the nearest electronics store. Instead, you can order a vacuum cleaner of your choice home and test it once. Determine if the vacuum cleaner is too loud for you or how well you can regulate the suction power. The pipes and handles should always be well in the hand. Test various floor coverings. Only in this way can you determine whether you can cope with a brand vacuum cleaner in the long term.

2. The right wattage:  When choosing the vacuum cleaner, many consumers pay attention to the performance in watts. In principle, you should note that manufacturers in the EU have been able to offer vacuum cleaners with a maximum output of 900 watts since September 2017. The performance itself does not play the decisive role. Much more relevant is the combined system of performance, nozzles and filters. Numerous customers confirm in the reviews that the suckers with a 700-watt power achieve comparable suction results, as with 2,200 watts.

3. Is the vacuum cleaner easy to park? Imagine that it rings or you have to take care of the child? In such a case, it is important that the vacuum cleaner can be safely parked. When choosing a vacuum cleaner, be sure to have appropriate brackets. This is the only way to make the appliance easy to use.

4. Are the matching nozzles included? Many manufacturers attach various slip-on nozzles to the vacuum cleaner. Depending on how you would like to use the vacuum cleaner, you should pay attention to the accessory package. Often nozzles for carpets and hard floors are reversible. Some models, however, have special slip-on nozzles, with which animal hair can be easily absorbed. The same applies to upholstery vacs, which are particularly important if you often want to free your upholstered furniture from dirt.

5. HEPA filters for allergy sufferers:  Allergy sufferers suffer from pollens and dust in the house. With the vacuum cleaners, which have a good HEPA filter, you can remedy. So even the finest particles can be absorbed and filtered to 99 percent. Many manufacturers specify a concrete filter class. The higher this number is, the better the quality of the built-in filter.