See here the list of Top 10 best bread machines. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones

SaleBestseller No. 1
Cuisinart CBK-110 Compact Automatic Bread Maker, New
  • Cuisinart-quality technology promises superior crust, color and texture
  • 12 preprogrammed menu options - fully automatic, easy to use
  • 3 crust shades - light, medium, or dark & bakes up to a 2 pound loaf
Bestseller No. 2
KBS Stainless Steel Bread Machine,1500W 2LB 17-in-1 Programmable XL Bread Maker with Fruit Nut...
  • 【2 LB Large Capacity & 17 Customized Automatic Programs】KBS Bread Maker has settings for light, medium or dark crust, different loaf capacity from 1, 1.5 and 2.2 lb. It also has 17 programs to...
  • 【Intelligent Fruit and Nut Dispenser & Patented Non-stick Ceramic Pan】The detachable fruit nut dispenser releases the ingredients automatically at the optimum time. Ceramic Pan is designed to make...
  • 【Intuitive Digital Touch Panel Control & 15H Timer, 1H Automatic Warm-keeping Function】Intuitive touch-pad control is easy to use. 15-hour Delay Timer, 1-Hour Automatic Keep Warm, 15-minute Power...
SaleBestseller No. 3
Oster Bread Maker | Expressbake, 2-Pound Loaf
  • 650 Watts Oster bread maker with up to a 2.0 pound loaf capacity is ideal for larger families
  • 12 bread settings and 3 crust settings for making a variety of breads, dough, and jams
  • ExpressBake setting bakes bread in under an hour
SaleBestseller No. 4
Hamilton Beach 2 lb Digital Bread Maker, Programmable, 12 Settings + Gluten Free, Dishwasher Safe...
  • 12 SETTINGS INCLUDING GLUTEN-FREE Developed with nutrition in mind, settings include: French, Quick Bread (no yeast), Sweet, 1. 5-lb Express, 2-lb Express, Dough, Jam, Cake, Whole Grain and Bake...
  • CHOOSE 1. 5LB or 2LB LOAF AND CRUST SETTINGS Select your loaf size and choose from light, medium or dark crust setting
  • LARGE DIGITAL DISPLAY WITH DELAY TIMER View and select the cycle, crust, and loaf size Use delay timer to add ingredients and begin the baking process later - perfect for breakfast and entertaining
SaleBestseller No. 5
SKG 3920 Automatic Bread Machine with Recipes Multifunctional Loaf Maker for Beginner Friendly -...
  • 🍞 FOR BEGINNER FRIENDLY - Follow our easy-to-use recipes to add ingredient, click a few buttons, then let the bread maker takes care of the rest.
  • 🥖 MUTI-FUNCTIONAL MAKING - Basic, french, gluten free, rice bread, jam, yogurt, etc. - 3 loaf sizes (1/1.5/2LB) - 3 crust colors (light/medium/dark).
  • 🥐 AUTOMATIC INTELLIGENT SETTING - 15 hours delay timer, 1 hour keep warm, 15min power interrupt-recovery, 19 programs make healthier bread.
SaleBestseller No. 6
Zojirushi BB-PDC20BA Home Bakery Virtuoso Plus Breadmaker, 2 lb. loaf of bread, Stainless...
  • Various healthy course settings include Multigrain, Whole Wheat, Rapid Whole Wheat, Gluten Free, Salt Free, Sugar Free and Vegan
  • Double Kneading Blades thoroughly knead dough for superior results; Dual heaters on the bottom and lid of the bread maker promote even baking and browning
  • Rapid courses allow you to bake a loaf of white or whole wheat bread in just 2 hours and 25 minutes
SaleBestseller No. 7
Zojirushi BB-HAC10 Home Bakery 1-Pound-Loaf Programmable Mini Breadmaker
  • Programmable breadmaker produces 1 pound loaves of cakes or breads
  • Settings for cookie/pasta dough and fresh fruit jams; quick-bake cycle
  • 13-hour delay timer; LCD control panel; viewing window; carrying handle
SaleBestseller No. 8
SKG 2LB Automatic Programmable Bread Machine Multifunctional Bread Maker-Silver
  • 🍞SKG Automatic bread maker, just follow recipes to add ingredients, set it and forget it. 5% Discount for SKG Electric Pour Over Kettle and SKG Q8 Wide Chute Slow Masticating Juice Extractor....
  • 🍞19 Automatic Programs- 3 Loaf Sizes (1 / 1.5 / 2LB) - 3 Crust Colors (Light / Medium / Dark), Prepares a wide variety of homemade bread to customize your bread just the way you like...
  • 🍞TIMER Setting for quick bread in less than an hour. Or 15-Hour Delay Timer to wake-up to freshly baked bread in the morning.1-Hour Automatic "Keep Warm", and 15-minute Power Interruption...
SaleBestseller No. 9
Breville BBM800XL Custom Loaf Bread Maker
  • Automatic fruit and nut dispenser releases ingredients at the right moment during the knead phase so they are evenly incorporated within the dough. Voltage : 110-120 Volts
  • Unique collapsible kneading paddle thoroughly mixes ingredients then collapses before bake phase to minimize the hole at the base of the baked loaf
  • Smart lcd screen with progress indicator displaying 13 automatic settings, 3 crust colors, and 4 loaf sizes
SaleBestseller No. 10
Cuisinart CBK-200 2-Lb Convection Bread Maker
  • 16 preprogrammed menu options, 3 crust colors, and 3 loaf sizes offer over 100 bread, dough/pizza dough, sweet cake and jam choices.
  • Low Carb and Gluten-Free preset menu options and recipes. A Cuisinart exclusive!
  • Special menu option takes basic dough through several long, slow cool rises for chewier textures and rustic crusts.

What a slicer really needs?

Cutting food professionally into even slices – that is the basic function of a food slicer. The small circular saw for kitchen and household does not distinguish between bread, sausage, cheese or vegetables – or fingers. That is why the testers of a food slicer pay attention not only to the cutting performance or processing of the machine, but also to safety features.

Our partner tested ten food slicers for the kitchen. The devices existed in the categories material and processing, handling and safety. The Graef Classic C20 topped the table with a powerful engine, closely caught by the Ritter E16 Duo Plus and Graef Vivo V20 food slicers. In addition to the above-mentioned, somewhat more expensive models, they still recommend the Silva Homeline AS 520 as a price tip.

1. Graef Classic C20: top performance at a great price

Source: Graef

Graef Classic C20

Test winner: quality rating 7.8. The Graef Classic C20 convinces with very good cutting performance, nice workmanship and good security features.

Stiff string thickness adjustment

No drip tray

Where rank 1 to 4 of the food slicer test are still in the upper quarter of the rating scale, the fifth-placed Sliva Homeline AS 520 drifts into good mediocrity. The cheap device, however, is more suitable as a bread slicer.

Material and workmanship: 6.8 out of 10 points

With a weight of 4.5 kilograms, the slicer of the Silva Homeline is a robust device that is made of plastic and stainless steel. The processing performs much worse than the more expensive devices, since just the mechanical processes do not flow properly.

Handling: 6.7 out of 10 points

Also with the handling there are point deduction. The Silva Homeline AS 520 just does not fare as well as the competition from the top ranks. With bread, the food slicer copes well, if the crust is not too hard. Salami cuts the AS 520 well, cheese and ham bad. As already mentioned, the mechanical processes hook.

Specifically, this means the continuous cutting thickness adjustment. This can only be used very tough. Even otherwise, the force is relatively high. In addition, the machine does not throw out the clippings clean. It does not fall on the provided plate, but remains lying on the machine. The knife change works but otherwise good.

Safety: 6.5 out of 10 points

Also in pucto safety the Silva Homeline has to let feathers. Despite its relatively high weight, the device slides back and forth on the work surface – as well as the rubber-coated feet do not help. Especially with a device, which is basically a circular saw for food, a safe stand should be the top priority. For the low price of just under 60 euros, the Silva Homeline AS 520 performs quite well. That is why the food slicer runs as a price tip of our partner

Good average: The Silva Homeline AS 520 cuts in midfield and is more suitable for dry foods. Photo:

Slicer test: This is how it was tested

The colleagues of went through a series of practical tests with the food slicers. In these they evaluated the devices according to the criteria already mentioned material and processing, handling and safety. It was important to them that the devices are easy to use and safe.

So the colleagues paid attention to fluent, smooth movements in sledges and cutting width adjustment. In addition, the power switch should be easy to reach. When it comes to safety aspects, especially the slicers, which do not slip in use and are safe, scored points. Additional safety features such as child safety, 2-button operation or similar upgraded the products additionally.

The cutting performance was tested by with various foods: air-dried salami, smoked ham and young gouda were cut as thin as possible. Also vegetables – pepper and radish – and two kinds of bread had to believe it. During the field test, the testers tested the smooth running of the blade, the required effort and the stability.

Buy food slicer: What should be considered?

When buying a food slicer you should consider several factors. Depending on the budget, purpose and kitchen different slicer come into question for you.

What do I want to cut with it?

If you are looking for a bread slicer, then a more affordable device like the Silva Homeline AS 520 is usually sufficient. This is due to its wavy knife for dry food. The typical jagged rotary knife is quite enough for this. High-priced food slicers are often equipped with a replaceable blade for soft, greasy food: a special slicer with a smooth blade.

How much watts of power should a slicer have?

The winner Graef Classic C20 cuts with an output of 170 watts, the second-placed Ritter E16 Duo Plus, however, only 65 watts. Basically, it takes a higher performance to cut harder food, but with a sharp blade is also a lower performance no problem. In addition, straight foods with a hard crust and a soft interior – such as fresh bread – quickly decay when excessive forces are applied to them.

How much space do I have?

Do you have a large kitchen with a dedicated space for a food slicer? Then you can choose a heavy, non-collapsible device like the test winner. Do you need the space as a work surface? Then look for a collapsible device.

Slicer Rotary Knife: What are the differences in the material?

The rotary blades of the food slicer, there are significant differences in the material. Basically, all knives are made of metal.

Stainless steel – Stainless Steel

The standard for slicers is basically a stainless steel knife. This is easy to care for and does not rust. Depending on the application, you will receive it with a serrated edge or a smooth edge, making it suitable for either dry or moist foods.

Knife with non-stick coating

Such knives are designed primarily for soft, greasy foods that stick easily. They are only available with a smooth finish, so you should replace the knife when cutting bread with it. Too much friction damages the coating, as is the case with teflon pans.

Electroxylic polished knives

This knife is particularly easy to clean, because thanks to the cut hardly any leftovers stick to the blade. The electro-polished knives have a particularly smooth surface and therefore cut very precisely.

Knife with titanium coating

If your food slicer runs quasi in continuous operation, it is worth investing in a knife with titanium coating. These are especially hard and stay sharp for a long time. This avoids the high costs of sharpening a blunt standard knife.

How do I care for my slicer and increase its life span?

As for all everyday utensils also applies to a Allessschneider: The correct application and care increases the life. So you should regularly clean the device and remove any leftovers like breadcrumbs. It is also important to maintain the blade regularly and replace it if it becomes dull. The easier the blade cuts through the food, the less force man and motor have to spend.

Before you cut greasy food, you should also at least an hour before you put it in the freezer. So the fat cools down in sausage and cheese and gets hard. The knife cuts more precisely and the food left so not so many traces and residues on the blade.