ATLIS Publishes 2011 Journal Online

Mount Allison University posts news releases about notable events on campus. This summer I worked in Communication Office and they agreed to publish a news story regarding our publication of the journal online. There’s also quotes from International Relations Program Head Dave Thomas, last year’s Journal Editor Rebecca Ann Dixon and this year’s President Alex Dalton. If you’re interested in ATLIS this story should give you a good idea of what we’re all about.

-Geoff Campbell
Online Editor

Mount Allison students launch ninth annual ATLIS journal
2011-06-29 10:40:13

The Atlantic International Studies Organization (ATLIS), a student-run organization based out of Mount Allison University, recently published its ninth annual academic journal. Entitled “Alternative Solutions for a Sustainable Future,” the publication features academic papers written and peer-reviewed by undergraduate students from across the Atlantic region. The journal is the only exclusively undergraduate academic journal of its kind in Atlantic Canada.

ATLIS was founded with the purpose of fostering informed undergraduate participation in international issues through holding a yearly academic conference and producing an academic journal. With the support of the Mount Allison’s international relations (IR) program and the Centre for International Studies, ATLIS welcomes students from across the region each year to participate in a conference, featuring experts on international issues, and submit papers for the journal.

2010-11 ATLIS journal editor and honours IR student Rebecca Ann Dixon credits a high level of student involvement on campus for the group’s lengthy success. “ATLIS is unique because it is a forum for students to share and discuss their academic work and interests outside the classroom. The conference and journal are entirely student-driven. Having this support and enthusiasm behind the projects makes ATLIS a success year after year.”

Dixon sees ATLIS as an extension of the work she does in the classroom. “I think it is important to encourage students to learn from their peers and to showcase the diversity of topics and disciplines that are part of international studies and ATLIS certainly does both.”

Dr. Dave Thomas, Mount Allison international relations professor and faculty advisor for ATLIS agrees. “ATLIS is important for students interested in IR because it provides them with an opportunity to formally present a research paper, contribute to the ATLIS journal, or simply attend the conference and learn a great deal from others. In particular, it provides undergraduate students with a unique opportunity to go through the peer review process and publish a piece of academic work.”

Dixon adds, “With the journal specifically, I am always excited to see the number of people who volunteer to be peer reviewers — it is a quiet but essential role and an easy way for many students to be a part of ATLIS. Almost everyone who reads or reviews an article for ATLIS comments that they learned a lot about the topic and about writing techniques.”

Alex Dalton, the group’s President for this upcoming year is looking forward to carrying on the success of ATLIS. This year’s conference and journal theme is ‘Revolution: Reforming Structures and Rethinking Perspectives.’ She says this year’s theme reflects the change and instability seen around the world.

“While the title may immediately bring to mind the ongoing events in the Middle East and North Africa that is not the only focus. We strive to have a global perspective and welcome presentations on various topics related to the idea of drastic change, from the war on drugs to the global struggle against political repression and from economic to social upheaval.”

The Spring 2011 Journal is available on the ATLIS web site here. The 2011-12 ATLIS conference will be held January 13-15, 2012 on the Mount Allison University campus. To learn more about ATLIS of if you would like to get involved please visit, contact, or follow them on Twitter (@ATLIS).


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