ATLIS Hosts Mini Conference

On Saturday October 16th, as part of Centre of International Studies’ official launch, ATLIS will host an Autumn Conference to showcase student research on gender and environmental issues weekend. This fall conference will be a preview of ATLIS’s main annual conference happening in January, and provides an occasion for students to discuss issues with their peers and professors. Students in all classes and departments are invited to attend. Please click here for Saturday’s schedule. The conference presenters and staff also welcome all attendees to head to Joey’s afterward for dinner!  Don’t forget to  email to reserve your dinner spot.

Location: Avard Dixon, G10, 4pm

Student presenters include:

Graeme Bousada, “Grains, Greenhouse Gases and Government: Agricultural policy for the coming climate chaos”

Emily Phillips, “Wind Power in North America”

Kristina Mansveld, “Is Microcredit a Panacea to Women’s Empowerment?”

Kelly O’Connor, “Portrayal and Representation of Women in International Humanitarian Law and its implication in armed conflicts”

ATLIS, as a proud working group of CIS, we would like to encourage all attendees to take part in other CIS’s activities taking place on Friday. Click here to see a detailed schedule of CIS’s  weekend launch!



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