Stephen Lewis Forum

With Stephen Lewis coming to speak at Mount Allison on the 28th, ATLIS decided to host a forum on Sunday, the 27th, at 7:00 to present and discuss this famous and influential player in international politics.

Stephen Lewis, former Canadian Ambassador to the UN, Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa, and founder of the Stephen Lewis Foundation, wrote a Massey Lecture entitled “Race Against Time.” In it, he addresses the multilayered and interwoven issues surrounding poverty and disease in one of the most complex and interesting continents in the world, Africa. From his experiences of watching the human tragedy that forms the wake behind arguably the most insidious and destructive diseases we’ve ever seen, as well as his years on the policy and resolution side of the international communty, Dr. Lewis has crafted a unique and valuable perspective on Africa, AIDS, and the international community’s part in solving the crisis of HIV/AIDS spread.

ATLIS hopes to discuss this and many other issues surrounding Dr. Lewis’ work in the forum. We strongly envite you to bring your own perspectives and thoughts to the group.

For anyone that has not yet read “Race Against Time” ATLIS has several copies that we’re giving away that you may get before the forum and lecture. We offer this in hopes that everyone will be able to have a more personal understanding and appreciation for Dr. Lewis’ work and can bring more to the discussion and through questions following the lecture.

For a book, questions, or comments, contact

–Also, join our Facebook event page to get the latest updates on the forum


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