ATLIS Initiatives for 09/10

Online  Journals

Over the ’09 spring semester, we have uploaded the journal submissions of the last four years (05-08) in attempts to create a fully accessible ATLIS archive and extend the influence of published student material!

Issue-based Magazines

The ATLIS staff, with the help of all members and professors interested in taking part, will begin publishing quarterly magazines relating to annual theme issues and features pieces relating to major international issues unfolding. They will be accessible across the Mt. A campus as well as online! ATLIS has already discussed the magazine with administration and student body representatives with extremely postive response and support. We will be recruiting volunteer writers at the beginning of the school year as well as formalizing our editorial staff to produce a new reputable and internationally-minded schoolwide publication!

If you have interest in being a part of the magazine or have questions, feel free to comment on this posting or e-mail us at

IR Society Involvement

ATLIS is actively working to tighten the relations with the Mount Allison International Relations (IR) Society. We hope to combine more social events, sponsor one another’s activities, and formalize an ATLIS membership that will largely begin with the IR Society but will be open to the entire student body.

ATLIS Membership

ATLIS, while historically a low-member organization that has been limited to the active staff, will begin to offer membership to all students interested in international issues! For a low joining fee of $15, ATLIS members will be offered free admission and discounts to ATLIS sponsored events such as Pub nights as well as to the annual ATLIS conference!

Membership also puts you on our mailing list where you will get organization updates, immediate access to our newsletters and journal, and invitation to our annual general meeting where the progress and future of ATLIS and extra-curricular international studies at Mt. A will be discussed.

Campus & Community wide Awareness

ATLIS is a proud member of the Sackville Coalition for Social Justice (SCSJ)! The organization looks forward to extending its support and sponsorship of clubs, societies and organizations across Mt. A and Sackville and integrating their involvement in its conference. In being a member of the SCSJ, ATLIS is hoping to utilize its own events and publications to heighten awareness and participation in the many worthy causes that are being campaigned for at Mt. A and in the greater Atlantic region.

All those wishing to learn more about our SCSJ strategies, have ideas of how to extend our involvement, or know of an initiative or campaign going forward that you would like ATLIS to take some part in, reply to this posting or e-mail the staff at

Issue Discussions

In hopes of taking full advantage of the up coming year’s President’s lecture series theme, ATLIS will be hosting public discussions on specific issues throughout the year. The purpose of these discussions will be to allow a semi-common forum for internationally-minded students, professors, and community members to learn, share, and debate the facets of our complex and inter-related world. We hope to utilize the President’s series as much to our advantage as possible by relating lecturer’s talks to our discussions as well as draw on expert speakers to enhance each event.

If you have any issues you would like to discuss, feel free to bring it up on this site or e-mail us at atlis[at]!

’09/10 Theme!

We’re happy and proud to announce that our ATLIS theme for the up coming year is ‘The Challenges of Human Security: Causes, Effects and How We Respond’

We look forward to discussing and writing on the many issues relating to the year’s theme and will be calling for presentation and journal submissions pertaining to human security in several months!


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